Safety Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Equipment

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Brand: wuxing
Model Number: WX-13
Place of Origin: China
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Address: China
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    - Brand Name wuxing- Model Number WX-13- Place of Origin China- Supply Type In-Stock Items- Condition New- certification ISO 9001

    Description by Manufacturer

    Safety Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Equipment

    Production Line Equipment Introduction

    The development of energy-saving, earthquake-resistant, fire-resistant, high-strength, lightweight construction materials is China's national economic development strategy for long-term. Asbestos-free calcium silicate board raw materials from a wide range of sources, and the use of some industrial waste, low prices, the production process is mature, the performance of the board material to achieve the energy-saving, seismic, fire resistance, high strength, light weight requirements, a large number of applications in a variety of buildings Such as interior and exterior panels, sound-absorbing panels, ceilings and a variety of decorative panels), and exports continue to increase, generally favored by foreign users.

    Asbestos-free calcium silicate board production line using advanced "flow method", not only for non-asbestos production, asbestos production can be achieved, the production of raw materials to achieve diversity, the molding equipment is very advanced, there is no environmental impact , To achieve green and safe production, to achieve green safety sheet. Building non-asbestos calcium silicate board production line for the country, society, enterprises have an important social and economic significance, its development prospects and sales prospects have a very beautiful future.

    The main raw material

    1. siliceous material: Quartz powder, diatomite, fly ash and so on.

    2. Calcium materials: Lime powder, cement.

    3. Enhanced fiber: wood paper fiber, wollastonite, cotton fiber and so on.

    4. Consumption

    The main raw material consumption table

    Indicator name unit Annual consumption (annual output 3 million M²)
    Fiber material t 6000
    Silicone material t 18000
    Calcareous material t 12000

    Calcium silicate (calcium silicate) as a new type of green building materials, in addition to the function of the traditional gypsum board, but also has superior fire performance and moisture resistance, long service life advantages of the wall, ceiling, flooring, furniture, Road sound insulation, sound absorption barriers, ship bulkheads and duct and other industrial boards and sound-absorbing walls, ceiling acoustic, pouring walls, panels and other panels composite panels.

    Use Place:

    Commercial buildings: commercial buildings, entertainment venues, shopping malls, hotels, industrial buildings; factories, warehouses, residential buildings; new homes, renovated public places; hospitals, theaters, stations.

    Is the wall, ceiling, flooring, furniture, road noise, sound-absorbing barrier, ship bulkheads and duct and other industrial boards and sound-absorbing walls, ceiling sound, pouring walls, composite wall panels and other fields.


      - CE IT012252WX170814


        Price US$ 270000 ~ 5000000 / Set

        Packaging & Shipping

          - Packingwooden box package or null in containers - Delivery Lead TimeFinish the order for 1-3 months - Minimum Order 1 Set - Supply Ability15 Set/Sets per Year- Delivery PortTianjin
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