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POLESTAR Automation Suite

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Country/Region: Korea
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Updated on: 2016-12-22 16:32
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POLESTAR Automation Suite automates overall operations management of server/network/storage/virtualization configurations management, application provisioning, patching, auditing, deploying, changing settings, and complying with polices.It is an automation solution for providing rapid response and diagnosis to increased operations complexity from large-scale computing resources and virtual environments of data center, new business requirements, and rearrangement of organizational structure.


  • Support various heterogeneous servers : Support almost all existing OSDiagnosis and operations automation of IBM AIX, HPUX, SunOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Automation of periodic and repeated IT service operations managementIncrease productivity and efficiency and prevent human error : Functions for periodic diagnosis using a scheduler / Dashboard for diagnosis results
  • Guarantee uniformity of operation tasks via standardizations of IT service operations management : Always maintain stable service quality : Functions for task settings specific for client's environment.Guarantee uniformity unaffected by differently skilled system administrators.

Configuration Management

  • Virtualization management
    - Combine and manage various configuration information on system hardware(CPU, memory, disk).
    - Combine and manage various configuration information on operating system(version, patch, file system, parameters, and etc.).
  • Preventive Diagnosis
    - Large-scale device diagnosis and auditing according to predefined standard policy.
    - Configuration diagnosis, security diagnosis, vulnerability diagnosis, and standard diagnosis.
    - OS patch diagnosis.
  • Deploy and install
    - Deploy and execute files or scripts.
    - Deploy and install software packages.
  • Snapshot/Audit
    - Manage snapshot history of main configuration items.
    - Trace system modification history via auditing function.
  • Ad-Hoc
    - Obtain result by running batch commands and scripts on multiple servers.
  • Relations analysis
    - Provide server-to-server application level connection in form of topology.
    - Tracking function for devices related with influence analysis, task, or application of a server.

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