Polyester Bolting Cloth

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Model No: BJ-PRM01
Place of Origin: China
Unit Price: 6.00US/M
Min.Order: 1 M
Supply: 100000 M
Delivery: Shipment within 5 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2016-08-18 00:58
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Polyester Bolting Cloth
Polyester bolting cloth is widely used in the printing of textile printing and dyeing, printing plate, electronic printing, ceramic, glass printing, high-density printed circuit board, CD, advertisement signpost making electronic, T-shirts and other industries for printing and filtration of aviation, airspace and petrochemical industries

Features of Polyester Bolting Cloth
1. High durablity and best tensility: the yarns are the best domestic or imported
2. Nice appearance, standard size: the most advanced production lines and testing instruments are imported and technician are well trained by swiss experts
3. Clean and never depigment: natural yellow and white thread, not any dyed one, strictly cleaned, never fade and jam the mesh
4. Good stability and finer printing effect
5. Excellent capability for rub.
6. Nice face stretch capability

Specification of Polyester Bolting Cloth
33 mesh/count to 460 mesh/count
150 micron to 31 micron thread diameter
619 micron to 23 micron aperture
45 inch to 120 inch width
50m length as standard
White colour, Yellow colour
Other size available upon request

Contact: Ms Alina
Skype: alinawang86

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